Close the gap

No more end of day surprises. No more knock down, drag-out disputes. Build it better with collaboration tools from Unearth.


Constructive Collaboration

Introducing continuous field-to-office communication including real-time ground observations and sharing precise digital measurements.  Easily collect all work evidence for bid item invoicing as well as change request approvals.  Capture visuals of emerging risks and blocking issues on site for immediate attention in the office.


Key Benefits


Real time collaboration

Improve productivity by reducing communication time between office and field. Use voice, text, and geo-location to identify emerging risk, record work evidence, and share progress.


Timely and accurate invoicing

Reduce information gaps and delays with photographic evidence. Quantify your work with area, distance, and volumetric measurement tools.  


stay in agreement

Combine aerial views with ground level observations to get situational awareness for the 21st century.  Use observations and measurements to improve deployment of teams, machines, and supplies.

Your solution helped us get paid more, faster by creating accurate measurements and reducing communication time with field personnel and subcontractors. Thank you!
— Project Manager, Texas