About Unearth

Unearth is a Seattle based start-up applying emerging technologies like drones, remote sensing and IoT to help reverse the trend of declining productivity in the construction industry. The Construction Industry has the monumental task of constructing roads, bridges and buildings to support the earth’s population. We at Unearth strive to support this colossal mission through a revolutionary new communication platform, so contractors and owners alike can enjoy the benefits of more accurate and frequent situation awareness in the field, leading to earlier risk identification, faster agreements and reliable payments.


Meet our team

Brian saab
Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur and product strategist with 20 years of leadership expertise ranging from startups to public company acquisitions



Amy Hutchins
Chief Product Officer

Product Leader with 10+ years experience shipping cloud-based solutions ranging from product conception stage to massive scale



Nate miller
Chief Design Officer

Award winning designer and team leader with more than a decade of experience envisioning and developing digital products



Pat Lasswell
Principal Engineer

Architect and manager at startups and Fortune 500 firms with a passion for mathematics, machine intelligence, and local beer.



Mike Johnson
Front End Developer

Passionate developer with experience building interfaces and evangelizing best practices at startups and Fortune 500 companies.