Helping builders construct a better world.

We are a new generation of construction software that rethinks how projects are organized. 

Our Vision: Advance how humanity builds.

Construction suffers from declining productivity, cost overruns, delays, and narrow profit margins. Yet, software companies haven't used their platforms to improve on construction workflows. We’re changing the status quo. Instead of basing our platform on outdated paper processes, we fundamentally change the way teams manage their projects by making the entire jobsite digital.

We want to push the limits of what’s possible in construction, while focusing on the values that matter most to us. We put these six principles at the center of all our decisions:





We see Unearth becoming the standard of communication on construction sites around the world. As our product grows, we will provide even more powerful decision-making frameworks through machine learning, computer vision, and predictive intelligence. 

By driving better decisions and simpler communication, we will enable teams to create more, build faster, and push the boundaries of what we thought possible.  

Our Story

You have to suck at something before you can be great at it. We are no exception. After wrecking multiple drones, sometimes in spectacular fashion, we took flight with a revolutionary new innovation based on the power of drone-provided data. Confounded by the challenge of turning thousands of aerial photographs into useful insights, and the overstated promises of drones as a panacea for construction’s ills, we saw our opening.  If we could give construction teams BOTH breadth and depth insights, we could turn drones into the incredible tools they were promised to become. That’s how our software revolutionizes construction: by collecting detailed information AND hosting the analytics/collaboration needed to make use of it.  

The strength of Unearth lives in these origins. It was created with the intent of capturing real world events to weave a digital tapestry of what's actually occurred on a job. We provide unparalleled insights into project progress, including pace, budget, and quality. 

- Brian, Amy, and Nate

Our Team

 Brian Saab, CEO of Unearth

Brian Saab
Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur and product strategist with 20 years of leadership expertise ranging from startups to public company acquisitions.


 Amy Hutchins, CPO of Unearth

Amy Hutchins
Chief Product Officer

Product Leader with 10+ years experience shipping cloud-based solutions ranging from product conception stage to massive scale.


 Nate Miller, CDO of Unearth

Nate Miller
Chief Design Officer

Award winning designer and team leader with more than a decade of experience envisioning and developing digital products.


 Pat Lasswell, Principal Engineer of Unearth

Pat Lasswell
Principal Engineer

Architect and manager at startups and Fortune 500 firms with a passion for mathematics, machine intelligence, and local beer.


 Mike Johnson, Front End Developer at Unearth

Mike Johnson
Front End Developer

Passionate developer with experience building interfaces and evangelizing best practices at startups and Fortune 500 companies.


 Jon Vogel, Software Engineer at Unearth

Jon Vogel
Software Engineer

Jon Vogel is an ATP rated pilot and instructor turned software developer. He enjoys solving problems and writing reusable, documented code.


 Nick Hertzman, Content Strategist at Unearth

Nick Hertzman
Content Strategist

Curious researcher and writer with a professional background in content marketing, SEO, and brand development.



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Ali Feary
Senior Designer

Versatile designer with devotion to detail and 20 years of practice crafting digital product and brand experiences with companies large and small.



Tommy Ellison
Project Success Manager

Customer intelligence expert with over a decade of experience in systems, operations, account management, and incident response.



Dean Desilet
Business development

Creative business development specialist focused on the customers' business success through adoption of state-of-the-art software.



Ian Kirkpatrick
Business Development

Prolific Business Development expert focused on customer business objectives achieved through SaaS applications.


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