The Future of Field Operations for Critical Infrastructure

Equipping field teams with innovative data capture, spatial intelligence, and streamlined collaboration

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Our Mission

Unearth’s mission is to support critical infrastructure providers in building and maintaining a better society.

Managing critical infrastructure is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Roadways, pipelines, utility poles, and so much more require urgent upgrades - across hundreds of thousands of miles.

At the same time, stakeholders are demanding transparency, cyberattacks are increasing, and compliance is a growing risk.

More than ever, the built-world needs simple, scalable, and secure tools to connect field teams with assets and give boots on the ground the same digital power as their office counterparts.

Unearth’s priority is to streamline field operations by unifying data across a disconnected IT ecosystem and build an intuitive platform where anyone can capture, review, and store data - anywhere, and on any device.

With a geospatial backbone and field-friendly mobile technology, Unearth is the next generation of field operations software for critical infrastructure.

Our story

Born during the rise of drone technology, Unearth’s initial focus was on making drone data more accessible for the construction industry. However, Unearth’s team quickly realized drone data was only a small piece of a much larger puzzle.

After talking with folks on the ground and test driving OnePlace™ in the real-world, the Unearth team soon discovered the true challenge. Built world data is bound by location - it doesn’t fit nicely into a list or a spreadsheet - but there was no tech developed to address this reality.

That’s when it was clear: OnePlace™ would put the map at the center of everything, providing location-based data management for vital industries like construction, telecom, oil & gas, and utilities.

Effective data management streamlines operations and saves millions of dollars. However, without the right tools, the data buries you: slowing operations and costing millions.

OnePlace™ was created to solve this problem. Unearth’s mission is to create a new generation of field operations software: one that delivers robust data and operations management in a simple, user-friendly platform.

Meet the leadership team

Headshot of Brian Saab

Brian Saab

Chief Executive Officer

Brian is a serial entrepreneur and product strategist with 25 years of leadership expertise ranging from startups to public company acquisitions. His corporate management experience includes time with Dell, DHL, and Microsoft before shifting gears to entrepreneurial endeavors. Unearth is his latest venture, and was born out of a natural curiosity for drones, maps, and the Saab family’s business in construction.

Headshot of Amy Hutchins

Amy Hutchins

Chief Product Officer

Amy Hutchins is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Unearth. Prior to Unearth, she led Product Management for buuteeq, a digital marketing company for hospitality, acquired by The Priceline Group in 2014. Amy spent nearly a decade in various roles at Microsoft: the last being Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Account - the consumer identity service used by Office, Xbox, Outlook and Windows.

Headshot of Emily Valentine

Emily Valentine

Director of Finance

Emily Valentine is the Director of Finance at Unearth. Starting her career at Microsoft, Emily focused on business management and product marketing for Developer Tools and Xbox Live. Prior to Unearth, she was responsible for Lead Generation and Operations at buuteeq. Emily graduated Cum Laude from University of Notre Dame and holds an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. In her spare time, she pursues her passion for the pastry arts as a professionally trained chef.

Headshot of Kristine Hopkins

Kristine Hopkins

VP Sales & Marketing

Kristine is an innovative product, marketing, and sales leader with an expansive background in driving commercial success for the built world B2B software market. Most recently, she spent over a decade at Bluebeam leading teams across the commercial organization, and was a key contributor to growing the company from 25 people to hundreds of employees across the globe. Kristine holds an Executive MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.