Construction Mapping

Construction teams understand the value of real-world context, and the industry is using multi-layered maps to transform the way they manage their data.

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Construction Mapping

Going beyond Google Earth

We’ve seen construction teams print out large sheets of satellite imagery to hang on the walls of an office.

And there are many teams using Google Earth or Google MyMaps to make simple drawings or annotations.

Unfortunately, these methods entail multiple steps, risk losing data, and can waste precious time in your day.

See how contractors are gaining a competitive advantage and saving work hours with mapping tools designed specially for construction.

An Alternative to Google Earth in Construction: Using Google Earth? Discover a more efficient approach.

5 Ways Digital Maps Can Save You Time on Your Next Project: From material tracking to advanced work packaging, see why maps are a powerful tool in construction.

How Construction Mapping Software Increases Profit Margins: The impact of mapping software is clear: increased efficiency, less rework, and higher profits.

3 Ways Mobile GIS Simplifies Construction Project Management: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are on the rise in construction - and key to maintaining a competitive advantage.

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