Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is powerful mapping software that organizations use to visualize information, manage assets, and run analytics.

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A map speaks a thousand words

With GIS, you can pin detailed information to real-world coordinates, layer almost any type of data, and create informative models.

And the world is taking note. From fire departments to utilities, companies are using this technology to improve planning and streamline work.

Fortunately, GIS is more accessible today than ever before: say hello to Mobile GIS.

Understand the basics with Unearth’s comprehensive guide to GIS that unpacks GIS mapping, data, and software.

Options for Learning GIS: Looking to become a GIS specialist? Start your journey here.

What is Mobile GIS? Key Traits and Uses: Mobile GIS is a great entry point to GIS: Built for the field, easy-to-use, and affordable.

Best GIS Data Collection Tools: See our recommendations for digitizers, GPS units, mobile devices, and GIS hardware.

GIS for Utilities: Learn how GIS can transform utilities in Part 1 of our series on the impact of GIS on built world industries.

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