Lead Service Lines

Lead service lines are toxic lead pipes. Understand federal regulation requiring their removal from communities and learn how utilities can get the lead out fast.

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Lead Service Lines

Unpacking the Lead and Copper Rule

Tracking down records for any new regulation is a heavy lift: the data’s simply incomplete.

And service line inventories are only one requirement: there’s also the pipe replacement and community outreach.

For systems with limited staff and resources, compliance is a monumental task.

An important starting point is understanding the maze of requirements. Then you can explore how to maximize the resources you already have to build an inventory and jumpstart replacement.

The Complete Guide to the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR): Explore the most significant water regulation in thirty years. 

Lead Service Line Inventories: Everything You Need to Know: Inventories are top of mind for utilities. Get started on this requirement.

A Quick Reference Guide for the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR, LCRR, LCRI): Discover the differences between the original rule, its revisions, and upcoming improvements.

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