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Mobile GIS is collaborative mapping software that anyone can use. Understand the basics, explore use cases, and more.

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Mobile GIS

Bringing the power of GIS to the field

For many years, GIS was installed on desktop computers and out of reach of non-specialists.

This changed with the rise of Mobile GIS - mapping software that doesn’t require specialized training to use and is accessible on any device.

New to Mobile GIS? Check out Unearth’s introductory guide to Mobile GIS.

What is Mobile GIS? Key Traits & Uses: Understand this key technology and what to look for when shopping for the software.

How to Streamline Field Data Collection with Mobile GIS: Explore GIS data collection and review six steps to software procurement.

Cincinnati, Ohio: Equipping the Field with Mobile GIS: See how Mobile GIS supported a utility crew in Ohio by streamlining their work.

What Is GIS?: Brush up on Geographic Information System data, mapping, and software in this comprehensive guide.

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