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From Sky to Surface, Unearth revolutionizes your jobsite.

Unearth is a simple, affordable cross-platform solution designed to maximize team productivity and project performance. Our software delivers a fully interactive Common Operating Picture connecting field-to-office and office-to-field with unprecedented visibility. Our release date is weeks away, and we want to give you the chance to get ahead of your competition. Check out our platform below and then be one of the first to get a free product demo and exclusive 30% discount!


Cover your assets

If you want to stay competitive in today’s market, you know you need to be integrating technology into your business. Unfortunately, construction’s tights margins make purchasing and onboarding new tech a risky prospect. Unearth eliminates these risks by incorporating the processes you already use to collect information into an affordable and understandable platform.



Get paid for EVERYTHING

Have you ever done work you didn’t get paid for? We can eliminate guesswork by providing precise measurements that show the client exactly what you built. 

Track Progress

Use 3D spatial analysis to determine exactly how much land has been filled or displaced without ever going to the site, and plan overlays to measure precisely what you have built.

Faster, smarter decisions

Traveling to and from jobsites can waste hours of your day. Unearth provides a highly detailed bird’s eye view of your site and allows you to easily request more pictures of an area of interest from someone on the ground.

Monitor safety & compliance

Accidents can cost lives, ruin a project, and endanger a firm. Mitigate the risk by easily identifying emerging safety concerns with detailed aerial maps and ground-based photography. Avoid costly mistakes by continually monitoring ROW boundaries with plan overlays.

Litigation protection

Lawsuits can take months and thousands of dollars to settle. You’re already collecting daily evidence to meet your contractual requirements, let us store and organize the data with no additional effort. Unearth allows you to easily retrieve photos, take measurements, and provide exact proof of work for painless dispute resolution.

Command from ANYWHERE

See and direct all your employees with a powerful, cloud-based mission control. Keep tabs, stay up-to-date, and prevent delays by providing everyone with a simple, accessible, and consistent means of communication.

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