The next generation of collaborative working in construction.

With construction productivity rates declining over the last 50 years, collaboration has become more important than ever. Unearth’s construction collaboration platform puts a full suite of real time collaboration tools in the palm of your hand.


How does construction collaboration software improve your productivity?

Collaboration management software improves construction productivity by solving two of construction’s biggest problems: information accuracy and project documentation. Information accuracy ensures the right data gets to the right people at the right time, so the wrong thing doesn’t get built. Proper project documentation is essential to dispute resolution, helping to eliminate litigation and making sure you get paid for work completed.

Unearth’s construction software automates these essential construction workflow processes to make sure everyone stays up-to-date, and all your construction activity is recorded and organized by place.


Real time construction chat app.

Emails are easily missed and often get buried underneath piles of unrelated communication. With Unearth’s place-based construction management software, all your construction correspondence lives in one system, neatly organized within the context of its location on the jobsite.

You’ll always have a real-time, clearly organized record of who’s making decisions and why.

 Free-hand blueprint markups in Unearth

Mobile markup tools for blueprints.

Plans constantly change, but not everyone gets notified. Unearth’s blueprint app lets everyone see plan changes as they happen, keeping everyone on the same page.

We also have the only software that lets you stitch multiple PDF plan pages into a single image, ensuring stakeholder meetings stay on track with clear context.


Complete as-built project records stored in the cloud.

If you don’t have all the information you need about a project, you can’t collaborate effectively. Unearth’s iOS app for construction turns everyone on site into a project documentation professional by allowing them to simply capture progress photos and automatically store them in the cloud.

We take care of ensuring everything is documented by location, all your crew has to do is snap the photo.


Unlimited sharing with outside stakeholders.

We know that sometimes you need to  collaborate with people outside your project, that’s why our construction collaboration platform gives you the ability to add unlimited guest users to a single topic thread. They’ll be able to contribute and review everything they need to on that topic, while being blocked from seeing the rest of your data.

We ensure you're recording all your site activity, without the burden of buying licenses for one-off users.


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