Do more with your iPhone construction app.

An iPhone app for construction should put your entire jobsite in the palm of your hand. Unearth’s construction software does exactly that by creating a digital twin of your jobsite accessible from anywhere, on any device.


What can mobile construction software do for your construction workflow?

Construction apps on iOS can turn every mobile device on your jobsite into a powerful tool for documenting progress, monitoring your site, avoiding delays, and preventing rework. They can also give your team in the office a 24/7 interactive window into your projects, eliminating miscommunications and keeping everyone connected to the latest updates. To make sure these things actually happen for your company though, you have to choose a construction iPhone app with a robust feature set. Check out how Unearth puts your construction site into the palm of your hand:


Real time, mobile construction collaboration.

Email doesn’t come close to meeting the communication needs of the construction industry. They’re prone to getting buried in inboxes, and aren’t a reliable method of tracking conversation for proper documentation in dispute resolution.

In Unearth, we organize all your communication by topic, and organize all those threads according to their physical location on the jobsite, giving you a complete record of site activity at your fingertips whenever you need it. And, because you can use real time chat from any device, you know you’ll get field adoption.


Access as-built drawings on your iPhone.

Effectively creating and organizing as-built drawings is essential to protecting your firm from disputes, and for maintaining a complete record of a structure for operations and maintenance. Unearth makes every iPhone on your project a tool for effective, hassle-free documenting of as-built progress.

We’ve eliminated the pain of tagging data and storing images in folders by automatically organizing everything that happens in our construction software by place. Combine these tools with our ability to store unlimited aerial drone surveys of your construction project, and as-built documentation becomes a breeze.


Mobile blueprint overlays.

When you’re managing a project, there’s nothing more useful than seeing a top down map of your entire site with your plans perfectly aligned to your build progress.

Unearth’s place-based construction management software always provides you this view, so you know exactly how your progress matches your plans. Our blueprint app makes it easy to manage your plans and progress from any device, anywhere.


24/7 site monitoring from your iPhone.

Security is a constant issue on construction projects, and CCTV monitoring alone isn’t enough to combat the problems.

With Unearth on your iPhone you’ll always have instant alerts to be notified of problems, and have the ability to alert people on site to request more information or documentation. In case anything does happen, you’ll have a complete record of site activity for all the necessary paperwork.


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