Do more than just construction site CCTV monitoring.

Real construction site monitoring requires more than just having a few CCTV cameras on site. You need a real time, birds-eye view into your project with a detailed, place-based record of site activity.


How can construction software improve construction site security?

Keeping your construction project secure is about more than just having thousands of hours of security cam footage on file. It’s about having digital access to your site 24/7 and getting alerts when and where you need them. Unearth's place-based construction management software can give you exactly that.


Mobile site monitoring from your iPhone or iPad.

Get instant notifications on your mobile device for every area you want to track. With our mobile construction app you can stay up-to-date on the issues you care about from anywhere.

You’ll be kept in the loop with native alerts from the Unearth iOS app or text alerts from our browser-based web app for Android.


Real time requests for information.

Need more information about an area on your site? Just drop a beacon and alert the people closest to the issue.

They can upload photo or video evidence to give you more insight, and we'll create a permanent record of the conversation in our cloud-based construction software.


Integrated CCTV feeds.

When your construction site CCTV feeds are outside of your construction management software, they tend to go ignored and unused.

We’ll mark the locations of your cameras on a map of your project, and then link out to their live stream, giving you the power to collaborate in real time around the security video and keep a log of any unusual activity or notes.


Complete documentation records.

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal for all construction security software is to give you a complete record of activity on your construction site. The challenge is making this information organized and accessible.

Unearth is designed to unify all your data and then organize it place, so you always know exactly what happened, when it happened, and where it happened. You'll always have the documentation you need, when you need it.