Create easy stockpile reports with Unearth’s stockpile volume calculator.

Simplify your stockpile reporting using spatial measures in Unearth.


Why get more than just stockpile reports software?

Because, why pay more for less? Unearth's construction software has a full-suite of collaboration tools designed to not only deliver detailed insights into your stockpile inventory, but help you streamline your entire workflow no matter what your project requires. Because of our diversified client base, you can do more with our software for less money than the leading stockpile reporting app.


A complete inventory management record with unlimited storage of drone surveys.

Drone surveys are the simplest, most accurate method to collect regular stockpile data. The more you can fly over your site, the better your stockpile reporting will be. That's why we give our customers unlimited storage of drone surveys, on unlimited sites, with an unlimited number of stockpiles.

Our construction app makes it easy to create a complete record of your site’s inventory management to help stabilize financials and reduce write-offs.


Access, manage, and measure stockpiles from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device; even offline.

If you have to download and install software to access your stockpile reports, you’re automatically hindering productivity by reducing access to your data.

With Unearth’s cloud-based platform, you can login for a real-time inventory updated from any device, and if you have a our iPhone construction app, you can even access your data offline. You'll have everything you need at your fingertips and be able to work from anywhere.


Use volume differentials for simple change detection.

Track changes in volume across individual stockpiles with our simple volume differentials tools. Just circle the locations of your piles on your aerial survey, and we’ll automatically align your new surveys to your original to give you immediate insight into how your inventory changes on a regular basis.

We'll also store a complete record of your measurements in the cloud, for as many stockpiles as you need.


Real time site monitoring and collaboration tools.

Unearth has a full suite of tools designed for real time collaboration and project management among multiple stakeholders on complex construction projects. When you sign up for Unearth, you get access to all of them.

You’ll be able to merge stockpile reporting with site monitoring and collaboration to streamline your inventory workflow and do more with less.


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