Unearth's CYA Toolbox

Our features cover your assets.


Drag and drop markers that streamline project management. 

Build Evidence

Geo-located proof of issues, progress, and work completed.


Real-time communication for office and field.  

Dispute Resolution

Automatic storage and organization of all site activity.


Effortlessly annotate blueprints and site surveys.

Dynamic Layers

Superimpose blueprints, maps, and annotations.


Easily search site activity by content type.

High-Resolution Surveys

Instantly access high-definition site maps from aerial imaging.

Map-ify Blueprints

Stitch multi-page PDFs into a single, geo-referenced map layer.

Marketing & Evangelism

Impress potential clients with high-tech visuals and site data.

Project Exports

Hand off your build story in a single file to the owner.

Push to Excel

Export your work to the file format you use most.


Easily include people outside the Unearth platform.

Site Monitoring

Always keep an eye in the sky for continuous project updates.

Spatial Measures

Accurately measure distance, area, and volume from anywhere.