Visualize all your asset data in real-time

From construction project inception to O&M, OnePlace supports asset owners with actionable data

a construction crew building an overpass
several data layers from a construction site in OnePlace

Unparalleled visibility throughout the entire asset lifecycle

Transform the continuing hand-off between engineers, contractors, and owners with streamlined field-to-office communication, documentation, and data integrity - across hundreds or even thousands of miles

Foster transparency between stakeholders

  • Create accurate as-builts

    Comprehensive as-built records enable stakeholders to access all project data - helping to improve communication, track progress, eliminate disputes, and foster transparency between owners and contractors.

  • Build a collaborative team

    Information bottlenecks create unnecessary tension. When your whole team has a complete project overview, collaboration comes easy.

  • Save time with a complete progress record

    With clear documentation on work completed and materials used, it's simple to create pay apps that are accurate, understandable, and easy to defend.

two field workers on a digital construction
  • Produce real-time project reports

    Avoid rework by identifying issues quickly. Real-time access to project data helps teams address minor issues before they become major problems.

  • Track planned vs. actual progress

    Robust progress documentation, including volumetric measurement and aerial surveys, lets you see exactly what has or hasn't happened on your site - keeping your project moving forward.

  • Record stockpile quantities

    Material shortages can cause serious build delays. With accurate inventory measurement and overall usage rates, you can plan for a project's future.

Consolidate construction data in one place

Create a comprehensive project map, collect data, and share information in real-time


Capture photos onsite or bulk upload photos you already have. Either way, Unearth will automatically sort them by location.


Overlay plans or blueprints on area maps and topographic data. Compare planned vs. actual progress to accurately bill for pay apps.

GIS Data

Upload KMZ and SHP files from your legacy GIS systems to easily share maps for field data collection and office review.

All file types

From Excel spreadhsheets to PDF downloads, Unearth can store and geo-reference the file types that work for you.

GIS data layers
construction plans
file uploads
a drone survey