Transform ineffective
inspection cycles

Mitigate risk by streamlining vegetation management with next-generation field tools

a vegetation management crew capturing field data

Use the Vegetation Management solution to...

a mobile device's data quick capture

Capture critical data in the field

Empower teams with intuitive forms and geo-tagged media capture

a desktop displaying real-time progress

Monitor progress instantly

Track inspection progress, vegetation encroachment, and more on a live map

a map with an alert on a tablet

Preempt potential issues

Access updates, adapt to changing priorities, and reassign work

a workflow with multiple steps

Connect dispersed teams

Visualize assets and contextualize operations on any device

Improve inspection times and reduce costs

a desktop screenshot displaying utility infrastructure

Unparalleled field visibility

Prevent delays and exchange analog tools for paperless workflows on a dynamic geospatial platform. Consolidate data from LiDAR, drone surveys, satellite imagery, and more in a single map view.

Real-time progress tracking

With millions of miles of power lines across the U.S., projects are often slowed by incomplete information and slow data transfer. Track changing field conditions through unlimited cloud storage, real-time syncing, and in-app coordination.

a laptop screenshot showing progress tracking
a tablet screenshot displaying real-time field data collection

Intelligent maintenance cycles

Streamline your documentation process by equipping field teams with simple, digital tools. Accurately record inspections, work items, and hazards with industry-standard forms and multimedia quick capture.

transmission lines crossing miles of forest

It's time to rethink vegetation management

Between 1984 and 2013, outages caused by vegetation contact increased 285%. Utilities face increasing pressure to find solutions or face financial penalties. And yet, most still rely on traditional maintenance cycles and outdated field devices.

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Multimedia quick capture

Easily collect and geo-locate photos, videos, and audio

Real-time dashboards

Enable dynamic decision-making with instant progress monitoring

Industry-standard forms

Ensure vegetation management teams collect the information you need

Precision GPS

Connect field devices, like Trimble's data collectors, to operationalize high-accuracy GNSS data

Unlimited cloud storage

Built to manage large data uploads in the field or office

Offline mode

Mobile-friendly tools & automatic data syncing

No-cost data migration

Conveniently ingest data from clean, formatted spreadsheets

Information security

Soc II Type II compliant software & secure AWS data storage


Vegetation Management

$4k / month

(Up to 50 users)

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