Turn routine inspection cycles into intelligent deployment

Transform vegetation management by equipping field teams with modern tools

Use the Vegetation Management solution to...

Simple GIS

Capture critical data in the field

With mobile-friendly tools and intutive forms

Simple GIS

Track progress in real-time

With automatic syncing and location-based insights

Simple GIS

Preempt potential issues

With a comprehensive project overview

Simple GIS

Manage assets effectively

With geospatial workflows and aerial imagery

Transform vegetation management with digital field tools

Between 1984 and 2013, outages caused by vegetation contact increased 285%. Utilities face increasing pressure to find solutions or face financial penalties. And yet, most still rely on traditional maintenance cycles and outdated field devices.

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Unparalleled operational visibility with digital field tools

Access your data from anywhere

Exchange hard drives and spreadsheets for a dynamic geospatial platform, which produces robust documentation. Seamlessly ingest data from LiDAR, drone surveys, and satellite imagery in a single map view.

Track progress in real-time

When data syncs across devices in real-time, you’ll be able to track inspection progress, vegetation encroachment, and issues identified - ensuring your project is moving forward on time and without delay.

Connect dispersed teams

Empower field teams with easy-to-use forms and geo-tagged media capture - work without an internet connection and automatically sync your data. Plus, notify workers based on location and communicate in-app.

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