Streamlined construction documentation for government.

Improve quality and cut waste in capital infrastructure construction.

  • Simple

    No downloads required; access your projects from any browser.

  • Precise

    Place-based interface that's accurate within 2.0% of PLS.

  • Fast

    Automatically capture progress when and where it happens.

  • Secure

    Deploy to Amazon AWS GovCloud or C2S.


Discover how Unearth helps secure your mission.

We eliminate wasteful activities like project delays due to stakeholder, miscommunication, fraudulent change orders, and unacceptably low quality control.

Map your capital infrastructure projects.

Whether you need to survey a large geographic area or inspect an aging facility, Unearth will allow you to view aerial and ground imagery into a single, searchable view.


Real time project monitoring from anywhere.

Reduce in-person meetings and ensure ensure invoiced work has been completed using Unearth to view progress, perform 2D and 3D spatial measurements, and request information from stakeholders.


Facility management and renovation.

Unearth allows you to create interactive facility plans from your existing blueprints and documents. Visualize renovation plans and inspect existing infrastructure by layering datasets on to your facility map.

Securely unify your data.

Most construction software siloes your data, making it inaccessible and confusing.

Unearth puts your data in one place and provides multiple layers of security including: 256-bit SSL enforcement, custom SSL, end-to-end websocket communication encryption, authentication, content self-destruction by expiration time. Deploy to Amazon AWS GovCloud or C2S.

Unearth is used by innovative organizations such as: