ONEPLACE for Capital Construction

Location is more than a label in a list

Reduce delays with a more efficient approach to your data: visualize drawings and other key data in context on a map.

a tablet showing an overpass under construction
Several field teams using Mobile GIS across critical infrastructure industries

Use OnePlace in Capital Construction to...

a geolocated drawing and aerial imagery

Map your project drawings

Layer PDFs, aerial surveys, GIS, and spreadsheet data

multimedia geolocated on a map

See documents in context

Geolocate multimedia, permits, inspections, and more to a map

two mobile devices for data collection

Capture field data with ease

Use intuitive forms, annotations, and drawing tools for in-field design

a desktop displaying real-time progress on a map

Track progress in real time

See instant updates, share insights across teams, and assign work

OnePlace integrates with your existing tools

procore data being imported into OnePlace
procore data being imported into OnePlace
procore data being imported into OnePlace
procore data being imported into OnePlace

Map Procore data with easy import

Save time and gain new visibility by geolocating Procore data - photos, documents, and plans - in OnePlace.

View digital twin modeling from Bentley's iTwin platform

Inform decision-making by bringing your digital twin into OnePlace and visualizing robust 3D engineering models alongside real-time work.

Bentley iTwin modeling visualized in OnePlace
a trimble GPS device connected to OnePlace

Utilize high-accuracy GNSS data from Trimble data collectors

Easily connect your Trimble R2 devices to OnePlace for even more precise GPS when collecting data in the field.

Don’t see your tools? No problem.

OnePlace is a flexible platform that can map a mixed dataset - including orthomosaics, CSV, XLS, SHP, and more.

Bentley iTwin modeling visualized in OnePlace

A more intuitive approach to infrastructure projects

Manage expansive projects with precision

While there are hundreds of construction apps out there for vertical structures, there aren’t many solutions tailored for projects with a large geographic footprint.

Whether working at a single construction site or across thousands of miles, OnePlace streamlines collaboration with a dynamic visual representation of your project.

a tablet displaying geographically dispersed projects
a mobile GIS showing real-time as-built documentation

Gain new insights with geolocated drawings 

When infrastructure data is siloed across platforms or simply crammed into folders, lists, and spreadsheets, teams lose critical time, data, and efficiency.

By geolocating everything against your drawing, your team can navigate your site with their phone’s GPS and find what they need fast - ensuring people and materials are in the right place at the right time.

Share accurate as-builts and detailed updates

Keeping an owner up-to-speed is critical to a positive relationship and successful project. Make this simple with a thorough, easy-to-understand map.

Stand out among the competition by sharing data that can be seamlessly entered into a system of record: GIS.

a map with a drawing layered over it in a Mobile GIS
a construction worker in the field

5 ways maps can save you time on your next project

You may have a host of powerful tools to help manage your project - but your data’s still missing a key dimension: real-world location. Drawings are filed away and thousands of photos are dumped into folders. Discover why project teams are excited about an alternative.

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Map annotation

Annotate aerial imagery, georeferenced drawings, and other map layers.

Geolocated documentation

Geolocate your project forms, photos, videos, audio, PDFs, and more.

Real-time project tracking

Get progress updates, manage work, and collect data on a real-time map.

Unlimited viewers

Add unlimited collaborators who can view and comment on your project.

Bentley, Procore, & Trimble R2 integrations

Map 3D models, auto-sync project photos, and capture high-accuracy GPS.

Offline mode & automatic data syncing

Equip the field with mobile-friendly tools on Android, iOS, or the web.

Easy import / export

Rapidly ingest and export CSV, PDF, KML, SHP, GeoJSON, and more.

Unlimited, secure storage

Manage large teams and data uploads in the field and office with cloud storage.


a Mobile GIS displaying the construction of an overpass
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