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Improve visibility with geolocated drawings

Build infrastructure that lasts by adding a critical dimension to your data: real-world location

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OnePlace organizing assets on desktop and mobile

The next generation of construction drawings

First, paper drawings went digital. Then, the field got access. But modern drawing management software still reduces the built world to a stack of files.

In contrast, geolocated drawings are pinned to real-world coordinates alongside other project data on a map - unlocking new insights while making it easy for a team to find what they need to get the job done fast.

Actionable data for construction and beyond

For many stakeholders, it just makes more sense to look at a geolocated drawing.

Whether that’s a superintendent in the field directing crews, a project manager assessing progress, or an engineer sharing updates with an owner.

OnePlace organizing assets on desktop and mobile

Streamline your project with location-based insights

OnePlace on tablet and mobile
progress tracked on a real-time mapcollaboration between team membersrobust as-built documentation
  • Track progress in real time

    See exactly what has or hasn’t happened across your site, message team members, and monitor the status of ongoing work.

  • Build a collaborative team

    Dissolve siloes by mapping a mixed dataset, exporting diverse file types, and using Procore, Bentley iTwin, and Trimble integrations.

  • Create accurate as-builts & improve owner communication

    Leverage intuitive forms, drawing tools, and annotations to document redlines and create a comprehensive, easy-to-understand map.

communication between devices in Mobile GIS
a desktop view of assets in OnePlace
A desktop view of assets in Mobile GIS
materials tracked on a mapdata geolocated on a mapwork packages distributed to a team
  • Track materials with ease

    Pin materials to your map and navigate the site with your phone’s GPS - showing your exact relation to assigned work.

  • Resolve disputes fast

    Simplify the search for proof of work by emptying your folders onto a map and managing your data by location.

  • Enable advanced work packaging

    Create assignments by linking documents, materials, and more on a map - easily navigable and digestible on any device.

satellite imagery of the earth

An alternative to Google Earth in construction

There aren’t many software solutions out there built specially for large infrastructure projects. Google Earth wasn't designed with construction in mind, which is a major downside. Fortunately, there’s a more intuitive way to capture, manage, and share construction data: geolocated drawings.

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Contextualize your data in one place

Standing on your job site, see your spatial relation to the work and associated documentation


Get started by overlaying plans or blueprints on area maps and topographic data.


Capture photos onsite, bulk upload folders, or use an integration with Procore to automatically stream images. Either way, Unearth will instantly sort them by location and pin them against your drawing.

Drone surveys

Overlay orthomosaics captured on your site for up-to-date aerial imagery, progress tracking, stockpile measurements, and more.

Field documentation

Tie your documents (RFIs, inspections, permits, change orders, and more) to location, and use intuitive forms to collect new data.

GIS data

Easily share progress updates from OnePlace by exporting KML and ESRI SHP files to a legacy GIS system.

All file types

From Excel spreadsheets to PDF downloads, Unearth can store and georeference the file types that work for you.

GIS data layers
construction plans
file uploads
a drone survey
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