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Intelligent fiber deployment in the field

Streamline fiber installation with map-based tools for field documentation and change detection

a field crew at a telecom tower
instant capture of data across devices in a Mobile GIS

Capture data and build maps in one simple platform

Mobile-friendly and offline-ready, Unearth helps manage the deployment of dispersed fiber networks.

Distribute plans to field teams instantly, monitor progress in real-time, and track fiber data records automatically – saving time and increasing efficiency.

a clipboard with deployment plansa pin dropped on a mapinstant map creation on a computer
  • Mobile-ready deployment plans

    Interact with deployment plans from any device, anywhere. Cloud-based and designed for mobile devices, Unearth gives field crews instant access to the information they need.

  • Work on or offline

    Installation in remote areas requires field capture software that works both on and offline. Unearth's native iOS and Android apps enable field teams to work without internet, then automatically sync data to the cloud as soon as a connection is reestablished.

  • Create maps quickly

    Create maps easily from anywhere using only the asset types you need. Unearth's Telecom tools make it simple to create and update deployment maps with data-rich assets.

infrastructure data centralized in a Mobile GIS
fiber optic cable information stored in a Mobile GIS
an issue instantly documented in the fielda project's progress documented on a map
  • Streamline mobile field capture

    With unlimited cloud storage, automatically store photos, videos, and PDFs, and splice reports by location within your deployment plans. Upload or capture the data with a mobile device in the field, then watch as it appears on your maps.

  • Document aerial and underground

    Whether you’re working above or below ground, Unearth helps to document progress from start to finish. Overlay any file type on a map, and quickly switch between parcel maps and aerial imagery to create the best possible documentation.

  • Create redline records automatically

    Verify work completed quickly when you use one platform to send GIS deployment plans, document work, and communicate field to office. Say goodbye to admin headaches and slow paper processes.

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