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Unparalleled visibility for the modern utility

Reduce risk by managing dispersed operations, maintenance, and complex logistics on a Mobile GIS

electric infrastructure in a neighborhood
Mobile GIS on a tablet displaying vegetation management

Connect assets, data, and field teams in one place

From vegetation management and DIMP to emergency response, Unearth’s OnePlace is a mobile solution to the energy sector’s most pressing field needs.

Avoid wasting time, labor, and equipment

Manage utility infrastructure on a simple, geospatial platform

natural gas infrastructure displayed in OnePlace
multimedia geolocated on a mapmobile quick capture of datadrawing tools on a map
  • Unlimited geo-located media

    Manual data transfer takes unnecessary man hours. With Unearth, trade analog tech for cloud-based tools. Upload inspection videos and photos to a specific location on the map - allowing for real-time review and easy access.

  • One-time data entry

    Duplicative data entry, once in the field and then again in the office, wastes time and increases errors. With all inspection data stored in Unearth, only enter information once.

  • Standardized map annotation

    Paper maps with hand-drawn annotations create confusion and increase transcription errors. Standardized digital map annotation helps both field and office create clean, concise inspection maps - improving the quality of deliverables.

natural gas infrastructure on a map in Mobile GIS
cross-bore documentation in OnePlace
cross-bore documentation in a Mobile GIS
real-time updates on a desktopsecure data storagean API providing data access and integrations
  • Real-time updates

    Inspection and maintenance projects are often delayed by incomplete information and slow data transfer. This costly reality is eliminated when all updates are made on one platform, in real-time - ensuring immediate review.

  • Unified data storage

    Inspection and maintenance data is hard to organize and even harder to find after the fact. Unified digital storage in Unearth helps everyone find the information they need when they need it.

  • Simple integrations

    Maintenance and inspection projects require a varied set of tools. Unearth is designed to work with the tools you already have, enhancing data with simple integration and map-based organization.

Unearth is our one-stop solution for organizing our teams and information. Before using the software, finding and sharing data took too long. Now, the time we spend on reporting has been cut in half, from hours to minutes.”

Roger Brown | Program Manager & Specialist

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