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Get the lead out of your community fast and comply with the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions on a simple, geospatial platform

a water system inspecting a lead service line

Achieving a clean water future starts with data

EPA's Revised Lead & Copper Rule

By 2024, public water systems will need a complete inventory of Lead Service Lines and a plan to replace them. With limited resources, water systems face a massive undertaking and require innovative solutions to ensure everyone has access to safe drinking water.

Innovative data & work management

Innovation is critical to expediting lead removal, remaining compliant, and staying within budget. From creating a Lead Service Line inventory to managing contractors or equitably prioritizing work, Unearth brings clarity to the field.

a lead service line replacement

Unearth's grant from the EPA

To increase the operational efficiency of Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLR), the EPA awarded Unearth with a Small Business Innovation Research grant. Currently, Unearth is partnering with public water systems to understand their data challenges, improve LSLR data integrity and availability, and streamline field work.

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an inventory of lead service lines in a Mobile GIS

Inventory the lead service lines in your territory

Ensure teams across your organization have access to the information they need to move lead service line replacement forward. Digitize your records, centralize your data, and visualize lead service lines on a dynamic map - available on any device, anywhere.

Coordinate LSL inspections & replacement

Improve field-to-office communication with real-time work management and intuitive data capture. See in real-time if a utility crew encounters an LSL and manage contractors during replacement. Plus, keep municipalities up-to-date with easy data transfer as you coordinate road work.

digital work management of LSLR in a Mobile GIS
streamlined reporting and collaboration on a laptop Mobile GIS

Streamline reporting & collaboration

Share a single source of truth in the field with government stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page. Produce robust LSLR documentation to stay compliant with key regulation.

Identify. Replace. Report.

From inventorying to compliance, Unearth provides simple, digital tools for critical field work.

digital documentation of a lead service line inspection in a Mobile GIS
secure data storage

Digitize & centralize your records

Data lives in a lot of places, and it's not always digital. Paper, spreadsheets, email, and local storage foster confusion and errors. Maintain complete, accurate records with cloud storage and simple, digital tools.

real-time progress documentation

Document LSLs with ease

Cut inspection and replacement times by simplifying data collection. Equip contractors with mobile-friendly forms built for the job. Quick capture and geo-locate video, audio, and imagery for a rich source of truth in the field.

layers of data for LSLR

Contextualize your work

OnePlace helps you make sense of your data and prioritize the right work. Inform decision making by visualizing LSLR progress on a multi-layered map, customizable table, or dynamic productivity dashboard.

team members collaborating

Grant visibility to stakeholders

LSLR is a team effort. Use OnePlace across your programs for unparalleled visibility throughout your organization. Get started by adding cross-functional teams to the platform, leveraging view-only licenses, or producing reports in minutes.

real-time progress monitoring

Monitor progress in real-time

LSLR can be delayed by incomplete information and slow data transfer. This costly reality is eliminated when all updates are made on one platform, in real-time - ensuring immediate review.

communication with contractors

Streamline contractor management

Expedite LSLR with instant communication between the field and office. Get notified of issues, assign tasks, request clarification, comment on field work, and tag team members - all in one place.

detailed field documentation

Produce robust documentation

Documenting compliance can be a huge drain on resources if information's hard to track down or poorly formatted. That's why Unearth's standardized reporting. Everything you need is captured and centralized in Unearth - producing thorough documentation in minutes.

Prepare for the EPA’s upcoming rule

The initial compliance date for the LCRR is fast approaching, but the EPA also announced the Lead and Copper Rule Improvements (LCRI). Adapt to new regulation with a flexible platform. OnePlace can be rapidly configured to keep you compliant, no matter what the EPA requires.

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