Save time with a
detailed jobsite map

Organizing data by location simplifies communication in the field, paperwork in the trailer, and visibility for the owner

a tablet showing an overpass under construction
Several field teams using Mobile GIS across critical infrastructure industries
OnePlace organizing assets on desktop and mobile

Manage your project data more efficiently

Too often, construction projects are reduced to a stack of files. Avoid the hours-long search for data buried in folders or lost among texts and emails by visualizing this information on a map.

Make it easy to coordinate crews, track progress, and update key stakeholders with a real-time view of your jobsite.

Use OnePlace in Construction to...

a desktop displaying critical information

Map your project drawings

collaboration between team members

See documents in context

data on demographics

Capture field data with ease

a workflow from the field

Track progress
in real time

Communicate with clarity across your jobsite

Office and field teams can annotate the map, assign tasks, and comment on ongoing work. Crews can use a phone's GPS to see their exact position in relation to materials, plans, and more.

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a tablet displaying geographically dispersed projects
a mobile GIS showing real-time as-built documentation

Organize data by location to find documents quickly

Looking for a photo? An RFI? Simply filter documents in a flexible table or search in an area of the map. Sort by date, type, and other categories.

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Share updates and track work as it happens

See exactly what's happened across your site with a visual record. Easily update statuses, redline drawings, and notify collaborators.

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a map with a drawing layered over it in a Mobile GIS

Create a comprehensive project map


Get started by overlaying plans or blueprints on area maps and topographic data.


Capture photos onsite or bulk upload folders. OnePlace instantly pins them by location.

Drone surveys

Overlay orthomosaics for up-to-date aerial imagery, progress tracking, and stockpile measurements.

Field documentation

Tie your RFIs, inspections, permits, and more to location, and use intuitive forms to collect new data.


Mark up your map, drawings, drone surveys, and other documents.

GIS files

Map ESRI SHP, GeoJSON, and more from a legacy GIS system. Export in the file type of your choice.

GIS data layers
construction plans
file uploads
a drone survey
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Map annotation

Annotate aerial imagery, georeferenced drawings, and other map layers.

Geolocated documentation

Geolocate your project forms, photos, videos, audio, PDFs, and more.

Real-time project tracking

Get progress updates, manage work, and collect data on a real-time map.

Unlimited viewers

Add unlimited collaborators who can view and comment on your project.

Bentley, Procore, & Trimble R2 integrations

Map 3D models, auto-sync project photos, and capture high-accuracy GPS.

Offline mode & automatic data syncing

Equip the field with mobile-friendly tools on Android, iOS, or the web.

Easy import / export

Rapidly ingest and export CSV, PDF, KML, SHP, GeoJSON, and more.

Unlimited, secure storage

Manage large teams and data uploads in the field and office with cloud storage.


a Mobile GIS displaying the construction of an overpass
Unearth's OnePlace

$79 user / month

OnePlace integrates with your existing tools

Mobile GIS on a desktop computer and mobile device displaying mapped assets

Map Procore data with easy import

a tablet displaying a drawing in OnePlace

View digital twin modeling from Bentley's iTwin

a desktop and mobile phone displaying a photo upload

Use high-accuracy GPS from Trimble R2 collectors

A robust alternative to Google Earth in construction

There aren’t many software solutions out there built specially for large infrastructure projects. Google Earth wasn't designed with construction in mind, which is a major downside. Fortunately, there’s a more intuitive way to capture, manage, and share construction data: geolocated drawings.

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satellite imagery of the earth

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