ONeplace for Integrity Management

Prevent damage to underground utilities with a centralized data management system

Reduce the time it takes to complete inspections and eliminate redundancy with OnePlace

a tablet displaying a utility cross bore inspection
OnePlace organizing assets on desktop and mobile

Inspect & maintain natural gas assets more efficiently

The amount of data created when inspecting underground infrastructure is immense. Unearth equips utilities and contractors with mobile tools to organize videos, photos, and inspection data on a digital map - creating a centralized view of your projects.

Use OnePlace in Integrity Management to...

assets geo-located on a map

Centralize work in a single system

Assign work packages to contractors and monitor progress across devices

three team members communicating in the field

Geolocate storm, gas, & sewer

Map pipeline inspection data and link media to located underground assets

secure data storage

Share & review data in real time

Instantly communicate issues with seamless data transfer between the field and office

a desktop displaying workflows on a map

Create accurate historical records

Organize underground inspection data to inform future decision-making

a laptop with a video tagged to a map in Mobile GIS

Reduce rework with improved data accuracy

Too often, field workers lack tools to capture and share critical information in the moment. With easy-to-use software, notify teams of potential cross bores, capture UTP issues, and collect accurate data on all underground infrastructure.

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Visualize progress in real time

Stop waiting on spreadsheets, paper forms, and sketches on locate cards to monitor progress in the field. Track laterals inspected and cleared, parcels completed, and number of cross bores found on a live map. Make informed decisions with instant location-based insights.

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a desktop showing storm and sewer assets in Mobile GIS
a tablet showing parcels on a map in a Mobile GIS

Fast-track project completion

Build a paperless inspection process, ensure regulatory compliance, and avoid project delays caused by lost or incomplete information. Exchange spreadsheets, thumb drives, locate cards, and other manual processes for an intuitive map-based view.

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OnePlace integrates with your existing tools

OnePlace's SewerAI integration

Streamline your review of inspection videos with Pioneer

Access your videos and AI-powered analysis in Pioneer directly from OnePlace.

Utilize high-accuracy GNSS data from Trimble data collectors

Easily connect your Trimble R2 devices to OnePlace for even more precise GPS when collecting data in the field.

a trimble GPS device connected to OnePlace

Unearth is our one-stop solution for organizing our teams and information. Before using the software, finding and sharing data took too long. Now, the time we spend on reporting has been cut in half, from hours to minutes.”

Roger Brown | Program Manager & Specialist


Multi-layered maps

Annotate aerial imagery, plans, GIS parcel data, and other map layers.

Geospatial awareness

Geolocate your project forms, photos, videos, audio, PDFs, and more.

Real-time project tracking

Get progress updates, manage work, and collect data on a real-time map.

Unlimited viewers

Add unlimited collaborators who can view and comment on your project.

Precision GPS

Connect field devices to operationalize high-accuracy GNSS data.

Offline mode & automatic data syncing

Equip the field with mobile-friendly tools on iOS, Android, and the web.

Easy import / export

Rapidly ingest and export CSV, PDF, KML, SHP, GeoJSON, and more.

Unlimited, secure storage

Manage large teams and data uploads in the field and office with cloud storage.


a team completing a cross-bore inspection in OnePlace
Unearth's OnePlace

$79 user / month

two utility workers completing an underground inspection

Reduce risk in DIMP and TIMP with cloud-based field operations

Notably, with an estimated 1 million cross bores in the United States, utility-run cross bore detection and mitigation programs play an essential role in public safety. Effective cross bore programs require mobile-friendly tools ready for use in the field.

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