OnePlace For Renewable Energy

Providing geographic context for renewable development

Manage and share data from site evaluation through construction on a single location-based platform

a tablet showing a solar array and installation of wind turbines
Several field teams using Mobile GIS across critical infrastructure industries
OnePlace organizing assets on desktop and mobile

Streamline progress visibility with Mobile GIS

Create an in-depth visual record of what’s happening across your project and easily share updates between contractors and owners. Document pre-inspection conditions, map site layouts, geolocate inspection photos, and monitor construction progress from any device.

Use OnePlace in Renewable Energy Development to...

assets geo-located on a map

Capture existing conditions

Evaluate terrain features and potential problems during pre-site inspections

three team members communicating in the field

Visualize dispersed assets

Map solar panel and wind turbine installation to provide geographic context on your project

geolocated mobile data capture

Geolocate inspection photos

Tie all your data back to it's real world location to create visibility across your site

a desktop displaying workflows on a map

Instantly share & review data

Communicate installation progress and asset status across teams in real time

Geolocate inspection data from the field

Equip field teams with mobile tools to communicate existing conditions during pre-site inspections. Automatically place photos on the project map in relation to your location on site and link back to existing assets for easy access to relevant information.

a tablet displaying photo icons and assets on a map and a form with information about a geolocated photo
a mobile GIS showing a site plan overlayed on a satellite map

Centralize project data in a single system

Easily import asset and GIS data and add geographic context to inspections and photos. Layer aerial imagery and site drawings then add annotations directly on your project map. With everything in OnePlace simply filter based on an area of the map or sort by date, type, or other properties to quickly find what you need.

Monitor installation progress in real time

Create visibility across your entire site with real-time data syncing between devices. Track installed versus online solar panels or wind turbines and easily communicate updates with clients.

a map with wind turbine inspection data and mapped assets


Map annotation

Annotate aerial imagery and georeferenced drawings with customizable drawing tools.

Geolocated documentation

Automatically locate assets, forms, photos, videos, and more on a project map.

Real-time project tracking

Get progress updates, manage work, and collect data on a real-time map.

Unlimited viewers

Add unlimited collaborators who can view and comment on your project.

Bentley, Procore, & Trimble R2 integrations

Map 3D models, auto-sync project photos, and capture high-accuracy GPS.

Offline mode & automatic data syncing

Equip the field with mobile-friendly tools on Android, iOS, or the web.

Easy import / export

Rapidly ingest and export GIS data, including, SHP, GeoJSON, and more.

Unlimited, secure storage

Manage large teams and data uploads in the field and office with cloud storage.


a Mobile GIS displaying the construction of an overpass
Unearth's OnePlace

$79 user / month

OnePlace integrates with your existing tools

Mobile GIS on a desktop computer and mobile device displaying mapped assets

Map Procore data with easy import

a tablet displaying a drawing in OnePlace

View digital twin modeling from Bentley's iTwin

a desktop and mobile phone displaying a photo upload

Use high-accuracy GPS from Trimble R2 collectors

GIS in Construction:
What It Is and Why It Matters

Large footprint construction jobs generate a lot of data, but without an effective way to organize that data much of it goes unused. A GIS is an ideal place for this information to be organized, providing contractors and owners with a centralized system to capture and share information.

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