OnePlaceTM is a simple way to manage assets, data, and teams

Transform critical infrastructure operations with an intuitive platform designed for the field

a woman in an office examining assets in OnePlace on a desktop


Onboard your team and get to work within hours of starting your OnePlace subscription. Unlike other options in the market, OnePlace was designed with the field in mind - straightforward and easy-to-use on any device, no matter where you are.


Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the OnePlace platform offers a robust security infrastructure including network and web application firewalls and automatic encryption of traffic and data. Unearth's third-party verified through Marcum LLP and is SOC2-Type II compliant.

a woman in the field examining a tablet with a padlock superimposed
a field team referencing maps on a project site


Cloud-based and easy-to-use, OnePlace can be used with a team of any size. Start small and simple, then add users and custom features as needed. Designed to integrate with your current tools and existing system-of-record, OnePlace can grow with you - without the expensive licensing fees.

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