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How to attract the next generation utilities workforce

Roughly 50% of the utility industry’s workforce will be retirement eligible in this decade.

To maintain and expand the grid effectively, utilities must act now to capture legacy knowledge and attract the millennial workforce.

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Why the retirement wave is problematic and what utilities can do to address it's effects
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What's important to the next-generation and why it matters for utilities
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How utilities can attract millennial workers with updated messaging,  skills training, and modern devices

Utilities must attract and harness the talents of millennial workers

The utility industry is facing an unprecedented wave of retirement. Faced with this significant challenge, executives, project managers, and hiring teams must consider two core questions:

• How do you capture legacy knowledge before the outgoing workforce retires?
• How do you attract and train the next generation of utility employees?

There are no universal answers for these questions. However, there are proactive steps each utility can take to address these challenges head on.