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Transform vegetation management with digital field tools

Between 1984 and 2013, outages caused by vegetation contact increased 285% - an upward trend that's continued through the past decade.

Utilities face increasing pressure to find solutions or face financial penalties. And yet, most still rely on traditional maintenance cycles and outdated field devices.

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Why modern regulation poses a serious data management challenge for utilities
a drone collecting data
How digital field tools and remote inspection devices can improve efficiency in vegetation management
data storage in the cloud
How robust data integration can increase extreme weather resilience

Digital data capture and management is key

With the rise of modern regulation and more extreme weather events than ever before, vegetation management programs face growing pressure to inspect more lines at a faster pace. Ensuring public safety is crucial, but with analog tools and dated data management systems - improving inspection efficiency is a challenge.

Remote inspection devices, geospatial work management software, and cloud-based data integration are all accessible strategies that improve VM data management and can be implemented relatively fast. Learn how utilities can use digital tools to transform vegetation management today.