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Maximize lifespan with an effective asset management program

From assessing current practices, to developing a comprehensive plan for maintenance, renewal, and repair - this guide is your first step towards a more effective utility asset management strategy.

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a clipboard and audit checklist
Why an asset audit is critical for assessing the efficacy of your current maintenance and management procedures
data storage in the cloud
Why cloud-based data management systems are a vital component of any effective asset management program
two voice bubbles and a question mark
Critical questions to ask when creating your plan for asset maintenance, renewal, and replacement

Utility asset management is complex

Effective asset management increases lifespan, minimizes breakdowns, and helps utilities avoid network disruptions. The end goal is to maximize the lifespan and value of every asset in the network.

This guide identifies six steps that will help your organization understand your asset landscape, identify program goals, and create a comprehensive plan for streamlining maintenance, renewal, and replacement.