Project Planning

Craft the story of your build

Instantly Access High-Resolution Site Surveys

Before you step foot on site, use our aerial imagery database to get a detailed bird's eye view for site analysis. Aerial imagery in Unearth is more recent and more crisp than Google Maps.

Google Maps

Breathe Life Into Blueprints

Once you get initial drawings from the architect, use our software to overlay the plans to get an idea of project requirements. Make annotations to note important details, problems, or opportunities.


Walk the Site to Add Ground-Based Observations

With your initial plans mapped out, walk the site to add geo-located, ground-based observations of anything you need to see in more detail.

Sell the Story of Your Build

Walk your team through the story of your build as you see it. Easily illustrate your planned progress to bring everyone on board and eliminate confusion.

Project Management

Under budget and ahead of schedule

Monitor Geo-located Photos and Conversations

Get real time insight into the exact location, nature, and time of all job site activity.

Coordinate Site Activity From Your Desk

Unlock god-mode. Place beacons on top of our interactive maps to direct site activity, deal with unexpected delays, and request more information.

Maintain Safety and Increase Awareness

Instant desktop and mobile notifictations alert everyone to emerging safety issues and ensure they are quickly resolved.

Breeze through Pay Applications

Accurately measure distance and volume from the office to guarantee you're billing for ALL of your work.

Keep Everyone on Track

Eliminate delays and rework by demolishing information silos and making build information immediately available to everyone.

Project Completion

Debrief, Evaluate, and Improve

Maintain Peace of Mind

With unlimited, secure cloud storage, you never have to worry about losing track of anything project related.

Review Project Pain Points

You have to review your projects if you want to improve. With Unearth you can go through your entire history day-by-day, week-by-week, or month-by-month to identify your pain points, delays, and inefficiencies.

Resolve Disputes

Disputes cost time and money; the quicker you can end them, the better off you will be. With detailed records of your entire build history stored by date and location, you can produce evidence to settle disputes in minutes.

Hand-off for Operations and Maintenance

Add value for your clients by giving them the story of their building's construction to manage operations and maintenance.