General Contractors

Command & Construct
  • Complete projects
  • Win bids
  • Maintain your reputation
  • Grow your business

Unearth unlocks God-mode for general contractors: we give you a top-down view of all your projects with the ability to do spatial analysis, look back in time, and direct workers in the field. You'll easily be able to impress owners with instant, high-tech updates.

Instant progress updates by location

You need on-demand capability to get project statuses. With Unearth, it's simple:

  1. Pull up your aerial map
  2. Drag a beacon to the location

We'll immediately notify whoever's closest or the team member of your choice, so they can instantly upload photos and a detailed report.

Real-time site monitoring

A good GC isn't just checking in on their projects when there is a problem, they regularly monitor activity to prevent issues before they happen. With Unearth you can virtually track activity and conversations in real-time.

Stay up-to-date, reduce your travel, and save hours of time.

Tell your build narrative

Owners want to know how their project is coming along, meaning you need to accurately craft the story of your build. Unearth lets you:

  • Compare planned vs. as-built progress
  • Provide exact statuses
  • Use team testimony to illustrate decisions

You'll keep stakeholders satisfied with detailed updates, and impress them with cutting edge technology.

Resolve Contract Disputes

The best way to end an argument is with hard evidence. Unearth securely stores and organizes your entire build history in our cloud, so you can:

  • Retrieve clear aerial photos of your build history
  • Geosearch ground-based images and conversations
  • Accurately measure distance and volume

Transform potential litigation into a minor hiccup within minutes.

Project Managers

Conquer Chaos
  • Balance short and long-term goals
  • Submit pay apps with 100% accuracy
  • Manage and track the flow of information

Project managers are the gatekeepers of their projects, connecting the office to the field and implementing top-down decisions. Make the best calls possible with an uninterrupted stream of data from the jobsite and the ability to instantly request clarification when needed.

Get paid more, faster

Late or inaccurate pay applications can derail a project quicker than anything else. With Unearth you can measure exact progress in terms of distance and volume, as well as instantly request on-site material counts with photo evidence.

You'll know exactly what to bill for and have the evidence to support it, all in an instant.

Keep an eye in the sky

Unearth is your cloud-based control tower. Not only do you get a top-down view of build activity in real-time, you can overlay build documents on our aerial maps to determine the precise location of construction.

Be confident your project is within bounds, and avoid excess work by capturing deviations before they go too far.

Manage more, travel less

Managing multiple projects means potentially burning hours of your day on travel time. With Unearth, you can virtually visit any site and have your employees act as your eyes and ears on the ground. You'll be able to effectively manage more sites in less time, and prioritize your in-person monitoring based on actual evidence.

You no longer have to choose between guessing what's going on and seeing for yourself.

Organize effortlessly

You have hundreds of messages coming in through multiple mediums. With so much going on, it can be easy to lose track of smaller items and unintentionally cause a delay. Unearth eliminates this problem by putting every conversation within a geographic context, so you can easily track every piece of information on your site.

Share the right data, with the right person, at the right time, without worrying about organization.


Lead the field
  • Avoid delays
  • Prevent cost overruns
  • Maintain safety standards
  • Produce a complete record of activities

As the head of site operations on the ground, superintendents are responsible for the morale and day-to-day successes of the actual crew. Keep everyone motivated and coordinated on one simple platform.

Boost jobsite morale

Subcontractors want to do their work and get paid, not get bogged down learning new apps and completing paperwork. Our platform naturally streamlines RFIs, progress updates, and submittals into an easily understandable mobile solution.

Minimize time spent filling out forms and maximize time spent constructing.

Simplify safety reporting

Unfortunately, when safety reporting is time-consuming, people may let concerns slide or leave them for someone else. Unearth lets anyone quickly snap a photo of a safety concern and alert everyone in the area.

You'll resolve safety issues quicker while increasing awareness and accountability.

Easily coordinate site activities

Even without the added challenge of directing delivery drivers and other visitors, communicating effectively with site teams is difficult. Unearth gives you the power to provide precise directions, even to people not on the platform. Just drop a pin where you want them to go, and we'll send a private map of your site. Everything will still be securely uploaded to our cloud.

Keep everything running smoothly and efficiently, no matter how site conditions change.

Eliminate rework

Nothing's more frustrating than tearing down and rebuilding something you've already completed; not to mention the significant costs in time and money. There are a number of causes of rework, but they can ultimately be boiled down to a lack of communication.

Avoid rework entirely with instant collaboration, monitoring, and accountability.