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We make reality digital by creating as-built maps of your projects and plans.

Unearth the Future
of Construction Software

The jobsite changes constantly, and you need to document all of it. Unearth simplifies the chaos by integrating with your project's technology to automatically analyze, sort, and store all your data by place.

How it Works

Tablets & Phones

We harness the full potential of mobile devices by integrating the tablets and phones your employees love using directly into our platform for easier tracking and faster communication.

Drones & Satellites

We use drones, aircraft, and satellites to build and store accurate aerial maps of your jobsites so you can see a complete build history organized by place.

AI & Spatial Analysis

Real projects insights don't come from hardware, they come from the data that hardware captures. Unearth’s software engine instantly analyzes and organizes your data to give you the information you need in seconds.

IoT & Cloud Technology

Our cloud servers auto-scale computing power to fit your analysis needs; meaning you get insights in seconds instead of hours. We also offer unlimited cloud storage so you never have to worry about losing that data again.

How it Works

Mobile Technology: Tablets & Phones

Your jobsites are already flush with mobile devices; you should be harnessing their full potential. Unearth takes the mobile features your employees love using and integrates them directly into our platform, enabling easier tracking and faster communication.

Aerial Imagery: Drones & Satellites

A top-down framework provides ultimate visibility into your projects. We build and store accurate aerial maps of your jobsites so you can see a complete build history whenever you want.

Computer Intelligence: AI & Spatial Analysis

Drones and satellites provide an incredible view into your build, but real insights come from the ability to instantly analyze those images. Unearth’s software engine gives you the tools to get precise measurements and spatial analyses without ever getting your boots dirty.

Secure Networks: IoT & Cloud Technology

Almost all your hardware is connected to the internet and collecting data; don’t let it go to waste. We offer unlimited cloud storage, so you can gather and organize everything captured by your internet-enabled equipment.

"The ability to have live interaction from the office to field and field to the office utilizing Unearth has streamlined our communication process. It allows us to be more efficient, better prepared, and more profitable.  The historical documentation we are able to compile from the product helps reduce claims, quantify materials and production, and helps build a solid jobsite portfolio."

- Casey Dougherty, Construction Manager

Unearth Benefits

Increase Margins. Decrease Stress.

Sh*t happens, and sh*t eats profits. Unearth protects your bottom line by:

  • Improving information accuracy
  • Decreasing decision times
  • Boosting accountability
  • Providing a complete build history

Free yourself from worrying about the details to focus on what matters: delivering quality builds and making money.

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Demolish Information Silos.

Subcontractors can be unpredictable, but your project relies on their work, and you need to be able to trust them. Unearth increases accountability and transparency by bringing everyone on one platform. 

You’ll build trust, Increase productivity, and improve morale through better working relationships.


Rebuild Communication.

Slow lines of communication suck weeks out of the schedule. You need consistent, reliable dialogue and a paper trail to back it up. Unearth allows anyone to use their preferred device to give project updates. 

Decisions will be made quicker and you’ll know exactly why they occurred.  

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Effortlessly resolve disputes.

Disputes are inevitable, quickly resolving them isn’t. With your build history stored in the Unearth cloud, you can find a complete record of events for any project feature, as well as perform detailed measurements and analyses.

By quickly producing definitive evidence, you'll prevent conflicts from escalating and avoid costly delays.


Heighten Awareness & Safety.

By enabling everyone to report safety concerns easily and immediately, Unearth can significantly reduce the chance of accidents. We will:

  • Notify everyone in the area of the emerging issue
  • Store a record of the problem to the cloud
  • Let you monitor the situation
  • Show you who addressed it
  • Inform you when it’s resolved
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