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Unearth is joining the Procore family!

Together we're empowering construction teams to seamlessly map and manage their data, all within the Procore platform.

Find the information you need fast

Don't lose precious time in the search for  information. Scrolling through hundreds of photos and documents in overstuffed folders takes you away from critical work. Discover how mapping your project reduces delays.

Visualize your entire project in OnePlace

Mobile GIS on a desktop computer and mobile device displaying mapped assets
Unearth allows us to manage more work from afar and create a bigger geographical area that we can work in and manage successfully. The tools that are built into the Unearth software enable us to track things we wouldn't have been able to previously.
Derek LoPresti | PM
Tiger Construction
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a tablet displaying a drawing in OnePlace
It all boils down to money. The use of Unearth gives us, as a smaller company, the ability to manage multiple sites without the need of additional managers. Using the various tools allows for real time communication and cuts down on wasted or lag-time.
Jose Piñon | PM & Senior Estimator
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a desktop and mobile phone displaying a photo upload
Unearth is our one-stop solution for organizing our teams and information. Before using the software, finding and sharing data took too long. Now, the time we spend on reporting has been cut in half, from hours to minutes.
Roger Brown | PS & PM
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a laptop displaying custom reports in a Mobile GIS
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The ability to have live interaction from the office to field and field to the office utilizing Unearth has streamlined our communication process. It allows us to be more efficient, better prepared, and more profitable.
Casey Dougherty | CM
IMCO Construction
a desktop computer displaying live communication in OnePlace
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I am proud to know that we can be more efficient with the task we have at hand. If we are not doing our job correctly then we can jeopardize a number of things. Now that we are using Unearth’s OnePlace, we have everything we need to make sure that the job is 100% done, every time.
Rick Everett | Alabama BM
Tele-Vac Environmental
a desktop computer displaying Unearth's custom forms
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OnePlace has improved our work process significantly. With large submittals from vendors, we’ve seen a 50% reduction in the time it takes us to do QC.
Senior Business
Operations Specialist

Keep work on track in construction and O&M

Clarity and confidence with accurate location data.

Easily find and centralize project progress
See issues as they develop with real-time updates
Simplify collaboration by inviting unlimited viewers
Document the exact location of assets and infrastructure

Efficient and detailed communication.

Quickly review progress across projects with a map
Find data fast by organizing everything by location
Share visual updates that are easily understood
Hand over a superior as-built record

More work done. Less time talking.

Resolve issues with accurate location-based sharing
Visually organize project progress and coordinate work
Capture updates on the go with easy-to-use forms
Easily track the location and status of materials

Simple and insightful organization.

Uncover new insights with your files geolocated
Overlay plans and linework to see how they relate
Record precise site conditions on any device
Make location data accessible to your team

Fewer siloes. Better collaboration.

Consolidate photos, PDFs, and other documents by location
Map unlimited CSV, PDF, KML, SHP, and more
Start collecting data with tools the field will actually use
Connect your tech stack with our API and integrations

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Keep work on track in construction and O&M



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