Location Solutions for the Built World

Instantly include location awareness in your app with a modern, convenient developer platform

OnePlace on desktop, tablet, and mobile
Unearth's Mobile GIS, OnePlace, on desktop, tablet, and mobile

Location-Based Experiences

Enable end-users to easily create and visualize complex layers of geographic data without complex GIS systems.

OnePlace depicting the management of map layers
an example API call and return in the GraphiQL interface

Manage Geospatial Data

Retrieve hundreds of thousands of records in seconds, display mixed-data types, and rapidly filter and query location data with our APIs.

Customize Data Schemas

Create flexible data schemas and customize feature styling to communicate location through data visualizations.

Customizing data schemas and feature styles in OnePlace's toolbox builder
OnePlace embedded in a mock app interface

White Label or Embedded Modules

Enhance your location services with custom branded capabilities or invoke embedded location experiences on your web and mobile apps.


Plan & Drawing Layers

Create map layers from location aware files (SHP, KML) or upload coordinate-less files like PDF’s to create geo-referenced data

Custom Controls

Define data with customizable schemas, properties, and feature styling to match unique workflows

Assets & Media

Create custom map visualizations and organize system objects - physical assets, work, annotations and media - by location


Retrieve system objects for a defined area with advanced location filtering

Reporting & Filtering

Search and filter by location, custom properties, date ranges, users and more to manage data

Roles & Permissions

Provide security across all data access scenarios with robust permissions from project to tool levels

Data Security

Unearth is Soc 2 Type 2 compliant and adheres to strict data practices to protect your data, accounts, and users

API Access

Programmatically manage location data with flexible APIs to create, search, and manipulate system objects, accounts, and users

Test Environments

Dedicated environments for testing new code before rolling out changes to ensure a smooth upgrade experience for your customers

Leverage the Power of Location

Developer Guides

Familiarize yourself with the building blocks of Unearth with our step-by-step guides to getting started.

Code Examples

Learn how to use Unearth’s APIs to search, create, and manipulate location-based data.

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