Actionable data for the build and beyond

Reduce delays, create accurate as-builts, and ensure a high-quality project turnover with a real-time source of truth at your site

Use the Capital Construction solution to...

a detailed project record on a map

Unify data on a context-rich map

Layer aerial surveys, blueprints, GIS, PDFs, drawings, and more

an issue documented instantly in the field

Rapidly document progress & issues

Take notes, produce daily reports, and geo-locate multimedia instantly

streamlined data transfer and access

Ensure clean field data transfer

Maintain an accurate as-built record and view updates in real-time

three team members communicating in the field

Keep everyone on the same page

Share data easily between stakeholders - anywhere, on any device

Unearth integrates with your existing tools

Bentley iTwin modeling visualized in OnePlace

View digital twin modeling from Bentley's iTwin platform

Inform decision-making in the field by bringing your digital twin into Unearth's OnePlace and visualizing robust 3D engineering models alongside real-time work.

Visualize Procore data with easy import

Enrich your project record by geo-locating Procore data - documents, images, and drawings - on OnePlace's dynamic map.

procore data being imported into OnePlace
procore data being imported into OnePlace
procore data being imported into OnePlace
procore data being imported into OnePlace
a trimble GPS device connected to OnePlace

Utilize high-accuracy GNSS data from Trimble data collectors

Easily connect your Trimble devices to OnePlace for even more precise GPS when collecting data in the field.

All your data in one place - from construction to O&M

Ensure the longevity of an asset with accurate as-builts

When data's siloed across multiple systems, information falls between the cracks and creating an accurate as-built is a serious headache.

With unified data storage and instant syncing across devices, updating as-built data is a breeze - streamlining project hand-off and ensuring easy access to critical information during ongoing O&M.

real-time as-built documentation
a map with a plan layered over it in OnePlace

Empower real-time decision making with a single source of field truth

Equip field crews with intuitive data collection tools they'll actually use, identify issues immediately, and leverage layered plans or blueprints to catch errors before they become costly rework.

A complete project history and unparalleled field visibility ensure you can access the information you need, exactly when you need it.

Manage geographically distributed projects with precision

Whether working at a single construction site or across thousands of miles, contextualize your work on a multi-layered map, geo-locate multimedia, and keep all stakeholders aligned with simple data sharing - on any device, no matter the distance between.

a tablet displaying geographically dispersed projects
a construction worker in the field

It's not just about rework - but the entire life of an asset

For the nation’s highways and electrical grid to last, stakeholders along the entire value chain need to collaborate on digital twin technology. Learn why Unearth's OnePlace and Bentley's iTwin platform are working to transform the entire asset lifecycle from construction site to ongoing O&M.

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Aerial imagery & plan overlays

Use simple annotation and drawing tools on blueprints, drone surveys, and much more.

Multimedia documentation

Quick capture or bulk upload photos, videos, and audio - with automatic geo-location

Real-time monitoring

Live progress updates on any device. Plus, upgrade for a custom productivity dashboard.

Bentley & Procore integrations

With data from Bentley and Procore, equip field crews with a rich project context

Unlimited cloud storage

Built to manage large data uploads in the field or office

Offline mode

Mobile-friendly tools & automatic data syncing

Easy import/export

Conveniently ingest data, connect via API, and export full data sets

Information security

Soc II Type II compliant software & secure AWS data storage


a tablet displaying the construction of an overpass
Capital Construction

$10k / project

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