Simple map making and data collection

Create and share maps in minutes. Collect data from anywhere and store everything in one place.

Use the OnePlace solution to...

Simple GIS

Create maps in minutes

With rapid onboarding and bulk asset uploads

Simple GIS

Easily capture data in the field

With mobile-friendly tools and intuitive forms

Simple GIS

Manage projects in real-time

With automatic syncing and geospatial workflows

Simple GIS

Streamline collaboration

With a comprehensive and secure project overview

Easily visualize your data,
where ever you are

A simple, map-based platform, OnePlace make data capture, storage, and transfer easy. Improve communication, transparency, and access for everyone in your organization.

Keep projects on track with dynamic field tools

Connect remote teams

Everyone will work better together when they can communicate with context in real time. Dissolve information silos, streamline operations, and connect teams with illuminating map visualizations.

Transform data storage

With our unlimited cloud storage, your teams get easy-to-access project history - helping everyone find the information they need, when they need it.

We build custom solutions

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