Process Your Drone Surveys For Free

To start processing drone surveys, you'll need to create a free OnePlace account with Unearth. No credit card required, just click the button above to enter your name, phone number, and email address then jump right into the platform.


What is OnePlace?

OnePlace by Unearth is a hybrid GIS/Cloud Storage Platform created to simplify data organization for large-scale projects in the construction industry. Not only can we process your drone photos into an orthograph with elevation models, we have a full suite of tools to annotate, measure, integrate, and share that data.



Need to overlay a PDF on top of your drone flight? We've got you covered. Just upload your document, use our staking tool to align it to the imagery, and we'll take care of the rest. Learn more about PDF overlays.



Draw, write, and markup your surveys in any way that you need, and then share those notes with anyone. Our platform makes it simple to review your surveys and make notes about what you captured.



Drone maps are cool to look at, but they're not useful unless you can interact with them and measure the data. Our toolset makes it simple to find and compare distance, area, and volume on your surveys.


Photo documentation

What's better than aerial imagery? Aerial imagery + ground-based photography for even more detail. OnePlace makes it simple to capture photos with your mobile device and have them stored automatically on your survey by location.