Why OnePlaceTM

Mobile GIS empowers the field with real-time maps, intuitive data collection, and a robust project record.

OnePlace on desktop, tablet, and mobile
Unearth's Mobile GIS, OnePlace, on desktop, tablet, and mobile

Cut costs. Reduce risk. Keep work on track.

Mobile GIS unites the office, trailer, and field in your back pocket - a more intuitive way to document your project and manage infrastructure.

As a Mobile GIS, OnePlace™ can equip field teams with data from your existing system of record - like ESRI’s ArcGIS - or meet your GIS needs itself.

Why field teams need Mobile GIS

Simple data collection & transfer

Too often, field workers lack simple, digital tools to capture information, access project data, and relay updates to the office - falling back on stacks of paper, spreadsheets, or emails.

Two field workers using Mobile GIS

Rapid technology adoption

Teams have a host of apps to choose from to streamline work, but most are counterintuitive or overly complex. Software should be the easiest part of an infrastructure crew’s day.

Built for geographically large projects

Built world data is bound by location - it doesn’t fit nicely into a list or spreadsheet. The field needs dynamic maps to visualize expansive infrastructure, connect dispersed teams, and work offline when connectivity’s an issue.

Map-based collaboration in the palm of your hand

Mobile GIS for lead service lines on mobile devices
three layers incorporated into a single map

Multi-Layered Maps

data collection tools

Intuitive Forms

offline mode

Offline Mode

two mobile devices

iOS & Android Apps

rapid mapping on a desktop

Simple Mapping Tools

a team collaborating

Real-Time Communication

media geo-located on a map

Multimedia Quick Capture

a timeline for deployment

Rapid Deployment

“I am proud to know we can be more efficient with the task we have at hand. Now that we are using Unearth’s OnePlace, we have everything we need to make sure that the job is 100% done, every time.”

Rick Everett | Alabama Branch Manager
Tele-Vac Environmental

Tele-vac case study on a tablet

Why office teams need Mobile GIS

Real-time decision-making

Information bottlenecks keep you from identifying issues early and moving your project forward. Stakeholders need field visibility and data from siloed office systems in one place.

An office worker using Mobile GIS on their laptop

Accessible project records

Records live in a lot of places, and they’re not always digital. This slows down QA/QC and reviewing historical data. Organizing everything in the cloud helps maintain complete and accurate records.

Streamlined reporting

Compliance and as-built documentation can be a drain on resources if information’s hard to track down or poorly formatted. Rapidly producing robust documentation is critical to keeping owners and regulators happy.

The missing link in your technology ecosystem

Collaboration between a desktop and phone Mobile GIS
Real-time field updates on a map

Real-Time Monitoring

An API transferring data

Connect via API

Data being imported into Mobile GIS

Easy data import / export

Information security

SOC 2 Type 2 Security

A project history being examined

Complete Project History

Data stored securely in the cloud

Unlimited Cloud Storage

A field workflow

Field Work Management

A list of key data points

Intuitive Data Management

Unearth is our one-stop solution for organizing our teams and information. Before using the software, finding and sharing data took too long. Now, the time we spend on reporting has been cut in half, from hours to minutes.”

Roger Brown | Program Manager & Specialist

A utility worker in the field doing an underground inspection

Visiting boots on the ground to improve OnePlaceTM

Installing natural gas pipes is a critical, yet dangerous job - so it’s important field crews have intuitive tools that make their lives easier. Unearth’s team visited inspection crews to train users and hear firsthand how OnePlace can serve the field.

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